Berry Wreath Nordic Ornaments

Everyone wants their home to feel cozy over the holidays. Every bit of decoration can contribute towards achieving such coziness for you and your family. With Christmas decorations it can be hard to decorate and bring something new and exciting to the table. They tend to follow with the same theme over and over again. This year we’re spicing it up a bit and bringing a new theme to the table. What better to bring warmth to your home than a nice-looking Nordic theme?

Feel the holiday spirit with one glance

As we said before: the front door is the main focal point of a house exterior. If you don’t have a giant decorated tree in your front yard, chances are the door décor is the first thing guests will notice. Let them know what to expect by picking the perfect berry wheat ornament. Try matching it with your personality by making it tidier or messier. Berry wreaths can be used both for parties and family gathering décor.

Nordic OrnamentsIf you’re looking to make one yourself, you should know which materials to pick first. It is essential to acquire a branch of any evergreen tree. Picking the right wood will determine the shape and size of the wreath ornament. This branch is carefully bent in a circle. You need to take it slowly if you don’t want to break the branch. Add more, thinner, branches after completing the creation of the circle. Intertwine the smaller branches to achieve that rich thickness a wreath ornament can have. Use pinecones and berries to establish the look and feel of the ornament. Decide if you want to emphasize the fact that it’s winter with a dry look, or make your home look like a wonderful exception to the harsh winter climate.

Nordic Ornaments

If you don’t feel like placing the wreath ornament on the door, you can place it on a window. Maybe the door is not centered, or you want the attention of the eyes to shift to another direction. Whatever the case may be, be sure that a berry wreath Nordic ornament can be very helpful if you wish to express that fabulous holiday spirit.

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