Word Wall Art with Hidden Messages

DIY cardsotck word artToday we’re in our second week of the Inspired Design Challenge!Inspired Design ChallengeThis week’s challenge store is Urban Outfitters.  I am a highly visual person so when I read or hear the words Urban Outfitters, I immediately see their store front in my mind.

Urban Outfitters - Jennifer(source)www.businessinsider.com(source)

I also find it fun how they break their words apart, too.

various colors of cardstockFor this project, I bought a few sheets of cardstock.  Other than that, the only other things you really need are scissors and something to adhere the letters to the wall.
free handing lettersYou can print out letters, trace them onto your cardstock and then cut them out but I just sketched my own (I wanted them BIG and didn’t want to fool around with printing letters larger than a normal sized sheet of paper).arranging colored lettersArrange the letters ahead of time to make sure you like the color combination.using a string for alignmentAnak’s room has a high vaulted ceiling and this project is great for taking up lots of space (it’s not always easy creating art that goes all the way up to such a tall ceiling!).  I taped my belt rope to the wall to give me a straight line.  I put a stool on the base of the couch to be able to reach all the way up only to find out afterwards I’m tall enough just standing on the couch.think happy thoughts wall artYou can see that like one of my inspiration images, I arbitrarily broke the words apart.  You may recognize this phrase from a Yo Gabba Gabba song ; ]  I thought I was all done but I kept walking into the room after a change in weather (so like three times a day) to keep finding various combinations of this:letters falling downI was using double sided tape so I tried something a little stronger.poster puttyI bought some poster putty at Target that did the job perfectly.  And if you’ve been reading this post looking for a hidden message somewhere here it is:secret greetingIt says “hi.”  Hehe.  One of the happy accidents from constantly rearranging falling letters from days on end. Inspired Design Challenge - Urban Outfitters teasers

My blogging buddies have been busy being inspired by Urban Outfitters, too.  Check out (1) Life of Splendor, (2) Embrace My Space, (3) Bliss at Home and (4) Angie’s Roost.

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What’s your favorite way to create text art?  Any other ideas for dressing tall walls leading up to a vaulted ceiling?

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Lovely comments so far...

  1. OH, Jennifer, I LOVE THIS! I love the graphic look and I’m such a sucker for word art, so anytime I see that, I’m sold. I love how it feels different and you mixed it up. I’m so creating a project inspired by you :) Awesome, awesome job!

    • Jennifer says:

      Thanks, Lindsay! I love word art, too, but I feel like it’s been a bit overdone as of late so it kinda has to be whacky to be fresh. You should totally give it a try—it takes no time at all to make!

  2. What a cleaver little idea! Loving this, it looks great!

  3. This looks great in Anak’s room! The colors are very happy, for a very happy message ;-)

  4. Great choice and I love the execution of your inspiration. So easy, but has great impact.

  5. Really great, Jennifer! We did similar projects this week! Great minds ;)

  6. So creative! Love it! xo Kristin

  7. Jennifer says:

    Thanks, Kristin!

  8. Great stuff Jen!

  9. Julia @ Cuckoo4Design says:

    Looks awesome! Great idea!

  10. What an adorable project! Especially for a kids room since you don’t have to fear it breaking or them being broken by it! I love love love how this turned out! And isn’t poster putty the best?! I hoarded it in college and still use it to this day.

  11. It’s awesome and way more expensive than it looks! Great job!

  12. What a fun idea for easy word art! Thanks for sharing. I am visiting from Home Stories A to Z.

  13. 谢x2 for liking my post about Japanese… hotels! I recall reading about one in Osaka that had bumper cars in the room, but it already closed. All that room would have needed was a marzipan fountain and I’d be set…

    How have you been? You should do cut-outs of Chinese characters. Here’s a start;): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Bi%C3%A1ng_%28regular_script%29.svg

    • Jennifer says:

      Been well (and I still owe you a few responses to a few emails!). Wo shi bu hao, wo ji dao!

      Okay, that is ridic! What does biang even mean?! I’d be willing to take the next best synonym if it meant shaving off say, a measly 50 strokes!

  14. This is so cool! Such a a fun and unique way to decorate.

  15. Sorry I didn’t participate in the inspiration challenge sooner, but my projects take me forever to complete. So, here’s my post wherein I gleamed some inspiration from Urban Outfitters’ rugs for my bedroom door.


  16. Hi. Found you over at DecorumDIYer. Great graphics project. Fun site too.

  17. Your wall art looks great – love it!! I’ve got this linked to my quotes DIY post too today, for inspiration!

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