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Woohoo!  It’s One Room Challenge time!  It’s been a year since the last time I participated in Calling it Home‘s One Room Challenge (six weeks to makeover one room).  I think it took me about that long to psych myself up for it again! Last time my husband and I made over my master bedroom closet.  Like any project with a concrete deadline, we seemed to be scrambling to finish up towards the end.  So this time around I’ll hopefully make more progress up front so I can focus more on the details as things wrap up.  Easier said than done, right?

One Room Challenge

The room in question is a great space with some of the best lighting in the house.  It’s a waste to not be fully enjoying and utilizing it.  We call this room off our kitchen the “bonus room.”  It really has all the hallmarks of a play room but I’d like to stay away from calling it such.  For this room, I envision a multi-functional, creative zone the whole family can use.  I’m thinking work room meets playroom.

One Room ChallengeThe previous owners knocked out a bit of the kitchen wall and extended the house out to create this room.  For the most part, it was a really smart home renovation.  If they had put up a wall with a door and had a permit to go along with it, it would have been better for resale value (four bedrooms instead of three) but the overall layout would have suffered.

The flow would have been choppy and so much natural light would have been lost. Despite the apparent lack of furniture, we actually use this space all the time.  We spread out a blanket and have indoor picnics at night, we sprawl out and do giant floor puzzles, I sit on the couch and nurse while watching the birds at the bird feeder outside.  I love this room! And did you happen to notice this little (not!) fun design challenge I have to work around? The wall that was knocked down to extend the house out housed the fridge.

If we were planning on staying in the house in the long run, we would reconfigure the kitchen by moving the washer and dryer out and the fridge back in ($$$).  So unless things change, the fridge is staying put.  I don’t think the money we would put in tearing out walls and rerouting water and gas would be recouped when we sell the house and houses in our neighborhood are not appreciating quickly enough that we would feel confident with such a plan.  I would like to find a way to somehow play the fridge down and make it flow into the room a bit more.  Yeah, it’s a bizarre design challenge, I know.

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