One Room Challenge – WK 2

I’m back for week two of Calling it Home‘s One Room Challenge.  In six weeks, I will be decorating one whole room from top to bottom.  Hopefully. Things have already taken a surprising turn for me.  In this house that we moved into about a year and a half ago, I thought I was completely over curtains.  Done.  It was out of my system and there was no going back.  I thought I wanted a more minimalistic stream-lined look but I just couldn’t get over the image I created when I Photoshopped curtains over the bonus room windows when I was sharing some curtain guides.  It was like tattooed on my brain (yeah, someone has been binge watching Ink Master lately). So I figured I’d pick up some super inexpensive white curtains (you know the ones) and give it a try.  Omg, I’m so glad I did!

One Room Challenge

My curtains were a bit too long so I cut them and hemmed them with iron on hem tape.  I’ve tried using hem tape before but it’s never worked this well!  I think because these curtains are so lightweight.  It was almost too easy!  Unfortunately, I ran out of hem tape and had about a foot of curtain left to hem so I tried fabric glue instead (cause I don’t sew) and it didn’t work nearly as well. adding white curtains Look at those perfect hems…and not the mess in the foreground.

Adding longer curtain rods bought a shorter curtain rod for the second window because Target was out of the longer ones.  I thought I could get away with it but even my friends who aren’t so into home decor (but used to discussions about home decor whenever they stop by) brought up on their own that the curtain rod was too short.  So I found another Target with the longer curtain rod in stock.  Much better.

One Room ChallengeI also switched out the mini futon couch we used in my son’s toddler loft in our last home for a couch from the living.  I’m kicking myself for waiting that long to make that change.  That mini futon couch is super uncomfortable and the current couch was never even used in the living room anyways.

Initially, I just placed the couch in the same position as the last but since it’s larger and weightier it didn’t seem to work as well there. I thought tucking it into the space by the fridge would open up the room but it sort of hides the couch from plain view and just being able to see the couch made the space seem instantly cozier.  Not to mention no one ever sat there when it’s in that spot.  The power of placement! couch in middleI finally tried it in the middle which was the least obvious spot to me.  While I’m not completely sold on its placement, I’m trying to remind myself that I’m likely just not used to having such a big piece of furniture in a once very empty space.  So I’ll leave it for now and see if it grows on me.

I also picked out and ordered a kids table online that will hopefully be delivered by next week!  Luckily, I already did a lot of the legwork by narrowing down my choices when I created my modern kids desks for under $200 guide.

I’m really itching to update the pillows for the new-to-this-space couch but I’m trying to tell myself to calm down and wait until I get more pieces into place.  Pillows are more like the icing of the cake but man, the icing is like the best part!  I also moved the fridge further into the corner and trimmed the carpet padding (something my husband insists on keeping to protect the floors).  I’m still scratching my head on what to do with that fridge.

And I ordered a modern kids table that should be here in time for next week’s post.  Luckily, I already did a lot of the legwork in researching affordable options when I created this modern kids table set guide so I didn’t have get too sucked into the vortex that is online shopping.

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