A New Coffee Table (Second Try)

Let’s try this again, shall we?  A whole two years ago I asked for suggestions on which coffee table to buy.  I made my choice only for it to get interminably discontinued (it was the kind of deal I just couldn’t find again).wrought iron coffee table. When my husband and I got married and moved in together five years ago we bought a wrought iron and glass coffee table (seriously, where was I going with this?).

Coffee Table

A few years later, on the brink of our son becoming mobile we sold the table on Craigslist for the same price we bought it for (maybe even 10 bucks more), two side tables as coffee tables. As a stand-in we pushed together two end tables that we picked up next to the dumpster.  So in five years, we’ve spent zero dollars on a coffee table (we might even have profited by 10 bucks).  Well, that’s about to change, hopefully.

Coffee TableLiving rooms are typically the most used rooms in a house but ours is n’o.  The natural lighting is bad (it looks deceptively good at certain times of the day) and it doesn’t have any windows (the patio doors to the left extend into a sun room so at least we get some second hand air flow).  And the man-made lighting is bad, too.  One floor lamp for this whole space?  Come on, Jennifer, you can do better than that.  I plopped the deep blue tufted storage ottoman that we used to have at the foot of our bed in our last condo (that no longer fits in our new bedroom’s configuration) to use in place of a coffee table for now but I’d like something with a hard, wipe-able surface that could withstand block building and board games (and isn’t a default springboard to couch forts).  And feet.

People invariably like to put their feet up. Ultimately, for the flow of this room I’d like to forgo the side tables altogether and rely solely on the coffee table.  And this time around we have a little more space to play with which gives me more options to work with.

Aesthetically, the tufted bench works but I don’t think it will stay in the condition I want it to given the daily wear and tear it’s being subjected to.  And like I said, an actual table would be more functional for us (look, I’m making good on a New Year’s resolution already!).

As I put these tables next to each other I notice some common themes and can’t help but feel my style is so much more focused than the last time I went shopping for coffee tables almost exactly two years ago.  It’s so encouraging! Modern Vintage Scandi Natural Wood White Coffee Table – Brave New Home

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