Installation Procedure For Vinyl Replacement Windows

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Installation of Vinyl Replacement Windows can be achieved with the help of some fundamental tools and expertise. This will aid in saving a lot of money for each window installation. Below are the tools that are required to install the window.

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  • Safety glasses
  • Utility knife
  • Cordless drill
  • Hearing protection
  • Gun
  • Tape measure
  • Hammer
  • Caulk
  • Level Pry bar

The following are the materials that are needed to back up the tools

  • Foam backer rod
  • Shims
  • Acrylic Caulk
  • Insulation

Do-It-Yourself Replacement of Vinyl Windows

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Many people have the wrong notion that replacement of vinyl windows by oneself is a very tough job but the truth is it isn’t.

With the help of some essential tools and expertise, it is very much possible by eliminating the high cost that would be incurred when a company is approached.

Before the actual installation of the replacement window, it is mandatory to check on the condition of the existing window. If the existing unit is too out of shape of rotten, it is vital to replace the complete unit as a whole including the frame.

If the condition is bad, then a professional expertise would be required than just a DIY replacement.

Measuring and Purchasing the right sizes of replacement window

After the successful inspection of the window frame and if it’s in the right shape, then the next step is to measure the inside height from top to bottom and width from side to side of every window frame in the house.

The refurbished windows need to be measured properly so as to make sure that the accuracy of the replacement windows is perfect and not more or less than the required size fitting. In maximum cases, the sizes are standard when it comes to reusing old frames.

Using upgraded installation measurements can be ordered either online or through home center. The variation in price will depend on the manufacturer and also the customization requested by the homeowner. Insulated glass would be of greater choice, followed by either the same trend as the old window or a change would also be good.

Generally, the window is installed from the inside of the frame and consumes a few hours to complete the initial installation unit. Once the first one is successfully installed the second unfurnished window installation wouldn’t be as hard.

Vinyl Replacement Window

Every new Vinyl replacement window comes with a fresh post, which only requires to be tilted and fitted into the old frame and secured. Following are the steps to replace the windows.

  • The stops used in the old window needs to removed and secured so that the same can be used in its respective positions.
  • Older window sash requires to be removed too
  • The stop used for parting needs to be removed too but it will not be used again. Thus no problem on it being damaged while taking out.
  • As a next step the top sash needs to be removed too
  • Next either the sash pockets are opened and the weights are pulled out or the sash liners are removed by removing the spring.
  • The sash cord pulleys are detached and the weight pockets are filled with fiberglass.
  • The newly purchased vinyl replacement unit is then pushed into the space tightly and the screws are driven into the sides.
  • The outside is caulked and then the pieces of vinyl trim are installed.

Finally, the inside stops that were secured during removal of the old window is then put back at their respective places so as to hold the replacement window in its position.

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