Growth Ruler Redo

DIY Growth Ruler Redo - Brave New Home You may recall that I actually already created a DIY growth ruler in our last home.hung diy growth rulerIt was stained a dark espresso color and the type face was more on the  traditional side.dining_roomAt the time, it made sense with our dark colored furniture theme throughout the house.  But in this new house, I’m going for lots of whites and neutrals with a modern vintage vibe.

And I’m being ruthless about my style.  If it doesn’t fit, it goes!  Or in this case, it’s gets flipped over and redone :P  I may be ruthless but I’m still thrifty!light sanding of woodSo I flipped that bad boy over and gave it a light sanding.  I focused on the sides a bit more since they too were stained. 3 - painting sides whiteTo fully cover up the stain, I ended up painting the edges a nice hearty white.  I say hearty cause Behr delivers on coverage and there’s a big difference between a few coats of this stuff versus a few coats of acrylic craft paint. measuring and making marksThe next day, I got to making my ruler marks.  Much like the last time, I taped some paper together to make sure my measuring was accurate before I committed it to wood.  Except I cheated and just traced over the marks I had made last time. 4 - making marks with a sharpieThe Sharpie seamlessly went on the unfinished wood.  I free handed a more playful font (this time I used amatic).  All that’s left is to transfer the heights I’ve already marked.5 - closeup of finished rulerI was so much more relaxed making my marks this time around.  I hope all my redo efforts in the new house feel this way!  And I like the look of the ruler much better, too.  6 - finished growth rulerWe’re still in the process of moving in so I haven’t mounted the ruler to a wall.  Not sure where it’ll go quite yet…

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Have you done any redo projects lately?  Do you prefer one side of the ruler to the other?

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Lovely comments so far...

  1. I love a good redo…and saving $$$$ :D I like both sides! We had a growth ruler, but it was vinyl and it was taken down a few months ago. I am going to plan one out, my boy goes crazy for these kinds of things!

    • Jennifer says:

      Oh I know—kids love these kinda things! Maybe you could even put your vinyl decals on some wood if there’s some adhesion left? Just a thought : ]

  2. I love these rulers! The change of font looks great!

  3. Love it the second go around and you look super cute btw :)

  4. Not only brilliant but so super chic! I love the exposed wood look, I can completely see this reimagined with reclaimed planks. Totally pinning as we speak! Love!!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  5. This is so cute!! Much better than marking right on the wall ;) You look adorable with your bump!

  6. oooh… love the makeover! It looks great. And I love the idea of being ruthless with your style. If you had a second to come by and link up at The Makers link party, that would be great! :)

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