Felt Text Art

Be it having a kid around the house, or just feeling a need to express yourself, felt text art is here decorate your living quarters in a playful, yet informative manner. This fun and seemingly unique detail can brighten up your day with a motivating message, or remind you of certain tasks that need be done, or just have a nice quote that everyone should read about. Whatever the reason behind getting this unique decoration may be, it’s certain you won’t regret implementing it into your home!

To know where to start, first we must know what felt is. Felt is a textile produced by pressing fibers together and condensing them. It’s usually made out of natural fibers like wool. It can also be produced from synthetic fibers like acrylonitrile, wood pulp-based rayon and petroleum based acrylic. Sometimes it’s even consisted out of both types of fiber. This type of textile dates back to the earliest of civilization and it’s still actively used to this day.

Felt Text Art

It can be produced in many ways, such as Wet felting, carroting and needle felting. Wet felting is a process that utilizes hot water and animal hair that is compressed to a certain point of bondage. Carroting is a newer method that’s used for making men’s hats. Needle felting is a dry process that makes use of special notched needles. Each of these methods is used for a different style of texture.

Expression through decoration

Felt Text ArtIf you feel like challenging yourself, we recommend starting from scratch and making your own felt. For this task, you’ll want to use the wet felting method. All it takes is some wool, hot water and a bar of soap. These preconditions are perfect for working with children. Don’t think twice and take your young one for a fun little creative exercise. It’s fun, sanitary and not uncomfortable in the least, all the while giving you a chance to bond with your child. Still, we understand that not everyone has the time and energy needed for starting from scratch. That’s why we recommend buying pre-made felt fabric for those on a tight schedule. Just grab some scissors and cut the letter out of the fabric. When equipped with the right letters for your text art, you have a choice of sewing to a material or just gluing them on.

Felt is something that manages to bring a certain amount of playfulness and happiness into a home. Still, it all depends on the setting of your home. Either way, having a nice message on a door, window or wall can provide both style and functionality. At the end of the day, if you don’t have anything to say, you can just place letters up randomly and still manage to make it look good in a way.

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