DIY Wooden Makeup Brush Holder

1 - DIY Wooden Makeup Brush Holder - Brave New HomeIt’s our final Knock Out Knock Offs challenge and I have one last project to share with you.  This month’s inspiration store was Anthropologie.

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I was inspired by this oakwood makeup brush holder.


The reviews were not too kind and maintained the sentiment that this item was something that could have been whipped up with an old chunk of wood and some drill bits.  Enter old chunk of wood and some drill bits!2 - materials for wooden makeup brush holder

This particular chunk of wood is one my almost-four-year-old practiced hammering nails into.  If I had a nicer chunk I would have gone for that since rustic and worn is nowhere near my personal style but hey, free is free!makeup drawerSince we moved, all my brushes and cosmetics have been jumbled in a broken vanity drawer.  It’s super non-hygienic and it was high time I got those brushes out of there.  I think I brushed it off (hehe, I made a funny) because I thought our bathroom remodel (and thus a better storage situation) was on the horizon but we’ve been here for six months now and a bathroom remodel is nowhere near the top of our list of updates.3 - laying out makeup brushes on woodAfter I gave my brushes a good cleaning, I laid them out across my wood to decide on the spacing.4 - tracing base of makeup brushes on woodThen I marked where I wanted the holes to go and traced around the larger brushes to get a better sense of which drill bit to use.  I love that since I was DIYing this piece I got to make a spot for my kabuki brush which I use for bronzer on a near daily basis.  Most makeup brush holders don’t have a place for these type of brushes.5 -  drilling holes into woodThen I went to town with all my different drill bits.  While drilling, I wedged the piece of wood between my feet while wearing flip flops (which most locals where about 10-11 months out of the year).  You can take a guess how that went…6 - sanding down makeup brush holderAfter I had finished, I gave the piece a quick sanding.7 - wooden makeup brush holder from sideIt’s great!  I love how chubby it is and again, since it’s a custom piece, I was able to pick only the brushes I use on a daily basis.8 - tops of makeup brushesThis could be a cool print in a girly bathroom, dontcha think?9 - completed wooden makeup brush holderI’m thinking of ways to modernize this makeup brush holder.  Maybe some white paint on select sides?10 - wooden makeup brush holder from aboveOr maybe since this is a tad more rustic having it around other modern pieces will give it a more eclectic feel which I could go for, too.11 - collage of makeup brush holder in bathroomI think this could easily work in a shared bathroom since the materials and colors are fairly neutral.12 - wooden makeup brush in bathroomClearly, this bathroom vignette was staged outside our bathroom because our bathroom is still looking an awful lot like this:master bath 2And that’s before the broken door which we haven’t fixed cause there’s a remodel on the way….someday.

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I seriously had the best time ever with this series and the one project a month timeline was the kind of pace I could get on board for.  I was blown away by the creativity of these amazing ladies!

Here are the projects I made over the past few months:closeup chalkboard house clockIn our first month, I made a chalkboard clock inspired by West Elm.  And yeah, it cost me less than $2 to make!

Next was a burlap striped table runner inspired by Zara on burlap runnerIt was out of my comfort zone but I still found a way to adapt it to my style using other elements.

And last month I made an origami ring holder from air dry clay inspired by Urban Outfitters.finished origami ring holder 2Thanks for following along and I hope you gathered some ideas to adapt your own favorite items from commercial stores.

And again, thanks to Amy, Tasha, Katie, Brynne and Ashley.  I had the best time!

If you’d like to enter for a chance to win a $100 gift card to Target, hop on over to DIY Candy.If you’re already a Brave New Home follower, chances are you’re already qualified for at least two entries!

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How do you store your makeup brushes?

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Lovely comments so far...

  1. It turned out great, Jennifer! I think that rustic can look great with more a modern style – I love the way you staged it with lots of white!

  2. Jennifer this is such a clever idea and I love that you used what you already had on hand! I love mixing rustic with modern too and although I love how it looks, I think adding white to certain sides would look great too! I also love the shot you took of the top of the brushes… and don’t feel so bad that our bathroom doesn’t look perfect either, haha.

  3. Seriously really cool. I love the mix of the wood with the metal and personally, I’m glad you staged it outside of that bathroom. Lol. We have a few of those rooms (even a basement that is referred to as the dungeon) as well! Pinning!

  4. what a great little solution! I might add a little geometric design to it to spice it up a little, but I also sort of love it as is.

  5. So so so good. The reviews on the item were right! You did a beautiful job recreating it!

  6. I love it, Jennifer! I love rustic and worn, but mostly I love FREE! And it’s perfect that you can customize it to just the brushes you use!

  7. Oh girl! I have been planning to do this! I loved this brush holder when I saw it and the price tag made my heart break! Definitely doing this now! :D LOVE YOURS!

    • Oooh, I hope you do! I know you’re into makeup so yours is sure to be beautiful. Hope you share the results!

  8. I only use 1 makeup brush, but now I wish I used more! lol Love this!

    • I think it’d look cool to do just one brush, kinda like a singular candlestick! I’d love to see it if you do it.

  9. I LOVE your knock-off….you did a great job! I can’t wait to make one as well! I just wanted to let you know this post is one of our features from The Project Stash! I can’t wait to see what you link up this week! I hope to see you tonight at 8:00 pm!

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