DIY Wood Slice Ornaments

1 - DIY Wood Slice Ornament This year we bought a live Christmas tree for the first time ever.  I grew up buying live trees for Christmas each year but for my foreign-born husband the tradition seemed well, foreign.  Amidst chuckles here and there, he summed up the tradition asking, So you chop down a live tree, bring it home, then throw it away?2 - jute wood slice and markerIn any case, I wanted to do something a little special to commemorate our first live Christmas tree so I took the end slice of the tree, a marker and some jute rope and made an ornament.3 - sanding and drilling wood sliceAfter the wood slice had dried out over the course of several days, I used my new hand held sander to sand the surface smooth.  That thing was a lot more powerful than I was anticipating!  Then I used a drill to create a hole to hang the ornament.4 - trying different markersI flipped over the wood slice and tested out a few different markers.  I ended up going with a brown one that gave more of a burnt wood impression.5 - tying jute through holeAfter drawing on a design, I threaded some of the jute rope through the hole.6 - finished wood slice ornamentI’m all about using natural woods at Christmas time (heck, all year round really) so this ornament fits into my decor perfectly.7 - wood slice ornament on treeAnd here it is on our douglas fir.  I love it and especially love how this ornament will capture a special time for our family.  This will be the only Christmas in three years that The Hubs will be home for the holidays so I’m making the most out of it and allowing myself to be as sentimental as possible :P

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Do you do anything special with the wood slice from the bottom of your tree?  Or do you use a fake tree?

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  1. Sadly, we only have a fake tree, but this year I got a birch wooden disk and wood burned our names into it. I love how your ornament looks wood burned without all the imperfections that the wood burner gives you. I hope you have a great holiday!!

    • I’m half looking forward to going back to a fake tree next year—constantly vacuuming up needles is a pain! Love your idea for birch wood. Happy Holidays!

  2. Wood slices are so hot right now! And I’m lovin’ the look of this with the faux wood burn look. Such a sweet way to commemorate the year of your first live tree! (Ha ha. When you hear it put the way your husband did, it does sound a bit wacky, cutting down a tree to bring it inside for just a short while before throwing it away.) Mark harvests ours for firewood, but I might have him slice me up some fodder for ornaments like these. Thanks for the inspiration! Pinned.

  3. That’s a sweet gift. And apparently you chose the exact perfect brown pen because it really looks like it’s burned in!

  4. adorable! i love these!

  5. Popping over from the Dare to DIY::

    I love these. We made some similar two years ago–sorta like this but just wrote the year on them. but it was from the first tree we cut down when we were clearing out land out.

    ALSO, i love your blog name. it reminds me of the Britney song. So now, I am sort of jealous of it…

    • Thanks for stopping by, Trina!

      Haha, I’m singing Brave New Home to the tune of Oops I Did it Again right now…

  6. How lovely! Beautifully done!

  7. Julia@Cuckoo4Design says:

    Oh the possibilities are endless for this. Love it!

  8. That’s really cool, Jennifer. Would have fit our this year’s tree so well. We are going for a DIY’d natural tree

  9. Such a cute ornament, Jennifer! (I thought you had burned the design and was looking for the tutorial before I realized that you had written on it with a pen.) Great job! Hope you have a wonderful holiday with your husband home!

  10. These are perfect! You have burning skills!

  11. These are so cute! They’d make such a great gift too :)

  12. This is gorgeous. I love the art on it – and what a great way to remember each holiday and the tree who gave his (or her) life for the sake of festivity. ;)

  13. love these! I’m looking for some DIY ornament ideas to make for gifts this year…these might just be the ones :)

    • I know craft stores have begun selling wood slices (even birch!) but they’re a bit pricey for what they are. May be worth checking out though : ]

  14. Love this Jennifer! We used to leave the wood slice in our car to make it smell like pine throughout the holiday season. Your idea is so clever and a great way to commemorate each holiday! We have a fake tree this year, but that’s not the norm. With the little one we decided to eliminate an errand this year since he’s such a handful!

    • That’s a great idea and you can still even use the wood slice after it’s done being a car freshener! I totally get that. I’m going back to a fake tree next year, too. I shudder at the thought of tying a tree to the roof of my car with a four-year-old, infant, and no husband. No thank you!

  15. Super cute Jen! I am loving this wood slice craze :) Merry Christmas!! xo Kristin


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