DIY Toddler Weaving Loom

1 - DIY Toddler Weaving Loom by Brave New HomeWhen we were on our New Mexico trip, Anak became captivated by a hands-on weaving loom at a museum we visited.Anak weaving at museumWe couldn’t tear him away from it!  So when we got home, I kept my eyes open for crafting materials to make his own simplified weaving loom.2 - materials for kids weaverI bought a $1 wooden picture frame from the craft store and the other items, wire, paint, yarn, etc. I already had on hand.3 - removing frame elements and marking drill pointsI penciled in marks to drill holes after disassembling the picture frame.4 - sanding the drilled holesAfter I drilled the small holes, I sanded down the frame—no splinters here!5 - painted frame and cutting wireI went for a turquoise shade of paint (it seemed appropriate for a project inspired by our trip) and cut several pieces of wire.6 - inserting wire into weaverI strung the wire through the holes, weaving them as I went along, and bent the backs to keep them in place.completed weaving loomI had originally intended to use the posicle stick as the threader but opted for the wooden stand that came with the frame.  I just hot glue gunned the yarn to one end.

The “weaving loom” wasn’t exactly intended to be used to craft fine tapestries or works of art.  This project was more about letting my three-year-old develop his fine motor skills.

Ultimately, the yarn with the wooden dowel got more use as a fire hose (you may recall I actually made my son a fire hose backpack which he didn’t use, the irony).  Womp, womp.

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Have you done any weaving with your kids?  I think I want to try some yarn twig decorating next!

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  1. how cute!!!

  2. Such a fantastic idea, Jennifer! (As DIY bloggers, we’re used to making things and sometimes take that ability for granted. But when you think about it, it’s pretty awesome that you can make an actual toy for your child.)

    • Agreed! I like giving him some variety of materials, too. I feel like almost all his toys are plastic so it’s nice to incorporate some wood, cardboard, etc.

  3. I mentioned you on my blog today nominating you for a Sunshine blogger award : )

  4. what a fun way to develop hand-eye coordination and motor skills. love this, jennifer! pinning now and visiting tonight from time to sparkle party.

  5. Great idea! I can’t wait to make one. Pinning this! Love your blog :)

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