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    Felt Text Art

    By Brian Johnson / 24/02/2017

    Be it having a kid around the house, or just feeling a need to express yourself, felt text art is here decorate your living quarters in a playful, yet informative manner. This fun and seemingly unique detail can brighten up your day with a motivating message, or remind you of certain tasks that need be […]


      A Tisket A Tassel

      By Brian Johnson / 24/02/2017

      Tassels seem to be the latest crave in home decoration. This seemingly small but unusual detail is what will make you home get a fresh look. Some say the tassel originates from the Turks, others say it has Indian heritage, either way we’re glad someone came up with them. You probably saw them a thousand […]


        Berry Wreath Nordic Ornaments

        By Brian Johnson / 24/02/2017

        Everyone wants their home to feel cozy over the holidays. Every bit of decoration can contribute towards achieving such coziness for you and your family. With Christmas decorations it can be hard to decorate and bring something new and exciting to the table. They tend to follow with the same theme over and over again. […]


          An Egg Citing Wreath For Spring

          By Brian Johnson / 24/02/2017

          With Easter lurking around the corner, people can struggle with managing the decorations. If you’re looking for a way to spruce up your Easter this year, look no further because we got the perfect solution for you! We’ll show you a quick and easy way to make your home more inviting for the holidays. A […]