A Tisket A Tassel

Tassels seem to be the latest crave in home decoration. This seemingly small but unusual detail is what will make your home get a fresh new look. Some say the tassel originates from the Turks, others say it has Indian heritage, either way we’re glad someone came up with them. You probably saw them a thousand times, because they are most commonly seen on mortarboards during graduation ceremonies in the U.S.

We won’t blame you if you don’t know what a tassel it is. It looks unusual enough for people to avoid decorating their home with them. Tassels are finishing features in fabric decoration. It is made by binding threads from cord protrudes on the end. Tassels are hung from these ends. They’re not the type of décor that hang around the house on their own. They must be attached to something larger because they are the end pieces to a home decoration piece. Think of tassels as cherries on top of home décor. They are usually positioned along the bottom edge of pasties, garments or curtain covering the hangings.


Although used to establish a traditional look and feel, tassels can be used in other settings to complete a decoration element. The odd piece of thread that dangles can be a real eye catcher and a true distraction for the eyes. It’s so out of the ordinary that it strangely fits in any given space.

The right window finishing touch

TasselsTassels seem to fit in the most with drapes. This trinket-looking feature is something that completes any set of drapes. It accents the edges perfectly. This accentuation is strongest when tassels are colored with a golden finish. In a straight formation, they almost seem to create a perfect frame for the window. Like golden underline to support any glance thrown at the window.

If you are not in a position to decorate your home with tassels, yet you desperately want to fill the void in your heart with them, we advise to get one in a form of a keychain. Talk about door décor. This is a cute way of showing your tastefulness in interior design. Strangely, it doesn’t look out of place, but feels like it belongs on any surface.

Break the monotony and bring texture into your home. You’d be surprised how small detail can make a space feel alive. It gives a sense of importance because if a dangly thingy can have the spotlight, then so should you.

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