A Little Bedroom Direction

I had an a-ha moment a while back and feel I’m inching closer and closer to uncovering my true design aesthetic.  And it’s exciting.  It took a makeover of Jo’s bedroom, from Cup of Jo, by Jenny of Little Green Notebook (talk about the melding of two great design minds!) to fully realize that when it comes to the bedroom, I prefer some lively colors and patterns to a soothing and serene oasis.

Cup of Jo bedroom makeover(source)

Now I know I’m getting a bit ahead of myself but with the new year and spring just around the corner (I told you I’m getting ahead of myself…) it’d be a great time to inject some more color and pattern into our bedroom.  I’m looking forward to moving forward with a more informed mindset, too.

Bedroom progress has kinda came to a halt and I could never quite put my finger on why until now.  I think I chose some good foundational pieces cause I can easily see the space evolving to include more color, pattern, and quirk.

On a related note, even more recently, Jo teamed up with Emily Henderson to style her family’s new apartment.  I was waiting on the edge of my seat once the news broke—it’s like salt and caramel coming together!  I love Jo’s easy going style and since she lives in NYC her place is itty bitty like ours.


Here’s the latest incarnation of her bedroom—I love seeing spaces evolve!  And of course, I immediately recognized the buffalo print from the fling post I curated of oversized animal art.

2012 Family YearbookLately, my creative energy has been focused on getting our family yearbook completed in time to take advantage of some of My Publisher‘s special offers so I don’t have any projects to share with you this week.  It’s about this time every year where they run deals for free pages.  So you can get a 100 page book to the tune of about $35.  And yes, that’s our 2012 yearbook.  Better late than never!

And this is the last week to enter National Builder Supply‘s Ugly Bathroom Contest.  The contest ends Dec 2!599db0dd3b38c9bc62d0a7bfcc3255a6For those of you traveling to be with family, have a safe trip.  Happy Thanksgiving, all!  See you next week : ]  I will totally have broken out my holiday decorating by then ; ]

Jennifer singature - Jenna Sue

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Lovely comments so far...

  1. Isn’t it wonderful when things ‘click’ into place like that? I can’t wait to see how you infuse color and pattern into you bedroom. And for what it is worth, I think you are totally on the right track. That is, you are a lively and vivacious person, so why would your bedroom be ‘serene’ as you put it?

  2. I love those inspiration photos! My bedroom needs a major overhaul as well.

    Your mention of the family yearbook reminds me that I need to take more photos of my actual family. (So much of my picture-taking is centered around blogging images, it seems.)

    • Yeah, I hear ya! I noticed when I started blogging I started taking less photos of my family—oops! I do have lots of cute photos of my little one posing next to projects though :P

  3. That bedroom is gorgeous especially the tufted headboard and the pillows. Not sure about the bison art though. Can’t wait to see how yours turn out. Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. I want to do my bedroom too. it’s a space i have always been undecided on. Hopefully in 2014 I’ll finally have a design for it. Good luck to you!!

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