ORC Week 4 – Demo Time!

For this week’s ‘s semi-annual One Room Challenge (ORC), our existing closet is coming down!  For those of you new here, the ORC is a six week series hosted by Calling It Home where bloggers tackle a one room makeover and document and share their progress.ORClinkingparticipantCIHIn week one, I introduced you to my closet.  In week two, I went over my issues with the layout and decided on a layout.  Last week, I shared my closet and jewelry organization inspiration and introduced a mood board.  This week, it’s demo time!removing existing closetFortunately, The Hubs was around for this leg of closet makeover because the existing closet came down by brute force alone.  Anak has been an active participant in our closet makeover, too.anak helping to vacuumHere he is vacuuming up debris with our new wet/dry vacuum that we purchased shortly after becoming homeowners.  He puts his little backpack on when he needs to get down to business, like a little Ghostbuster : ]removing existing closet supports After removing the existing closet, the walls needed some touching up.  In one spot, The Hubs even installed some new drywall.  It happened pretty quickly so I don’t have photos of the process but I did manage to watch and was surprised by how easy it was—not at all intimidating like I imagined.  Basically, you use a box cutter to remove the old drywall and take out a strip long enough to reach two studs, one on either then.  Then you cut a new piece of drywall to fit into your hole and nail it into the studs.  That’s it!cementing dry wallThen The Hubs mixed some stucco and got to patching the walls.  I am adding stuccoing to the list of non-husband approved tasks (also on the list is anything involving caulk).  I’m grateful for his help but in the long run his stucco job only created more work.  He bought this fast drying stucco so he only had about a five minute window to get the stucco on the walls.  The results?  Little mountains that I had to wet and shave down.  It was a time consuming mess.cutting closet dividersWe had bought melamine board to construct the closet but unfortunately the miter saw was difficult to use to achieve the cuts we wanted so we went back to Home Depot to have them cut it for us.  Perhaps there is another table saw in our not-too-distant future…?spray painting L bracketsI wanted to use plastic L brackets to install the closets (mostly because of their look) but we couldn’t find any (and The Hubs insisted that metal was sturdier which no one would argue with) so I gave the brackets a few coats of white spray paint.constructing closet organizer prior to installingWe tried a few different methods to get the center closet installed and ultimately decided it was easiest to build it first then install it.  It was about this time that we realized just how slanted the wall is.  Like, the top of our closet dividers were over two inches from the wall by the time it got close to the ceiling.  So I made the decision to make the closet dividers flush to the wall even if it meant that the dividers would slope a bit.organizer and poles installed in closetAnd here we are at the end of this week.  Things are starting to take shape!  Next week, I’ll be shaving down those stucco mounds and generally getting the walls up to snuff.

How do you motivate yourself to complete projects?  What do you find to be the most difficult obstacle to overcome?

Jennifer singature - Jenna Sue

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