The DIY’ers – Link Party #18

Welcome back to this week’s addition of The DIY’ers!  The DIY’ers is a place for us to share our DIY projects, renovations and home decor ideas.

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Ashley’s sharing her favorites from last week’s party.The DIYers - Ashley's Top 3 Picks


Pneumatic Addict created this welding free industrial coffee table.


The Interior Frugalista made this impressive waterfall window.


And Decorating Cents updated their side table to look like something out of a West Elm catalog.  I’m liking the table top styling, too.

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Fun with the Sun

1 - Kids Craft Sun Prints by Brave New Home

Today I have a fun little project to share with you.  It’s easy, you probably already have all the supplies you need on hand and you get to take advantage of those last few rays of summer sun. We were outside the other day and as the strong rays beat down on us I was reminded of these sun prints I used to make as a kid.  The heat lasts well through October in these parts so it’s still feeling […]


Touchscreen Cleaning Done Better

Gwee leaf cleaning

I’m a bit of a Luddite. I don’t seek out new ways to do things. I don’t have to have the latest and greatest gadget (case in point, my phone below). Every year I read Better Home and Gardens’ innovation issue and think, “Oh yeah, innovation…I forgot about that.” Innovation and technology can make our home lives more simple and streamlined.  Around the time I was reminded that innovation is a “thing,” I received the chance to review some touchscreen […]


The DIY’ers – Link Party #17

Welcome to The DIY’ers!  If you’re new here the DIY’ers is basically a place for us all to share our DIY projects, renovations and home decor ideas. Bigger Than the Three of Us / Brave New Home / Home Coming / Simply Dream & Create This week I got to select the highlights.  I look forward to selecting the highlights a little more each month.  I love combing through all the links and reading through all the tutorials; I’m a […]


How Do You Craigslist?

pair of craigslisted chairs

We have a fantastic local Craigslist (CL) and I’m constantly finding all kinds of great items.   Actually obtaining those items is a differently story entirely.My favorite finds are usually large, bulky and heavy (think mid-century credenza or a wall piano with the greatest little piano bench).  Sellers can be unresponsive or difficult (I asked one seller for dimensions of the desk he was selling and he replied that if he has to do any more work he was going […]


Third Bedroom Progress

third bedroom as guest bedroom

We made some progress in the third bedroom.  There’s physical progress to share but I think the real progress is mental. First, I cleared it out (I did a bit of purging but mainly I moved things into the master bedroom so the clutter prevails).And while the room was empty we took the opportunity to install new baseboards (I caulked the entire room in a nap’s time and it was glorious!)  and swap out all the old outlets for surge […]


The DIY’ers – Link Party #16

Welcome back to The DIY’ers!  The DIY’ers is a place for us all to share our DIY projects, renovations and home decor ideas. Hope everyone enjoyed the day off yesterday.  We spent the day figuring out why our garbage disposal stopped working.  And by “we” I mean I watched the babes while The Hubs tinkered.  Looks like a much bigger electrical issue effecting two other outlets in two other rooms.  Do we hire an electrician and rewire or just plate […]


Quick Tip: Fake a Frame for Your Canvas

coat rack close up

Just popping in real quick on this lovely holiday weekend to share a quick tip.  Creating your own artwork on canvases can often feel unfinished when all is said and done.  I typically paint the sides of my canvases for a more intentional look but I’ve come up with an even better alternative. But first, let me introduce you to my new coat rack that I’ve been stocking at Ikea:Tricks!  My new coat rack is the quick tip.  Let’s pan […]