Tips For Selecting The Right Replacement Windows

Tips For Selecting The Right Replacement Windows in Billerica MA

Windows are one of the important components of a house, and they should be replaced when they are damaged or not working correctly. Having fully functional windows can benefit your home interior in many ways. They can keep your home interior very comfortable and helps to save energy bills. There are many options for replacing the existing windows. However, there are few points to be kept in mind when you are shopping for best vinyl windows.

Window Style

Windows are exposed to the outside part of your building. Means they are visible to anyone who looks into your home from outside. Discolored, faded or broken windows can impact the aesthetics of your home. So, it is necessary to choose the replacement windows that look nice and coordinates with the style and theme of your house. Therefore, you should never ignore the aesthetics aspects, when deciding on your replacement windows.

Before you begin your shopping know the style and architecture of your house. You may even carry the photographs of your home to the shops for finding the perfectly matching window style.

Frame Material

As you know, most window types have frames, which provide support and stability to the windows. Window frames are made of many materials. The most cost-effective material is vinyl, which is cheap, durable and easy-to-maintain. Vinyl frames are entirely factory made, and hence they are available in different styles, shapes, and colors. You will have plenty of personalized or customizable option if you want to shop for vinyl frames.

Glass Package

Glass package is one of the essential components of windows. The type and quality of glass package you choose can decide the level energy savings. Glass windows of low quality or those with lack of new technologies are not capable of saving your energy bills. As a buyer, you should know the important components of the glass package, which are responsible for energy savings.

Dual and triple pane glass: As the name says, dual pane glass windows contain two panes of glass sheets with air space in the middle. With this type of setting, heat transfer is significantly reduced, thereby bringing huge savings on your electricity bills. Triple pane glass windows contain additional air space layer for better insulation than the dual pane glass windows.

Argon Gas: This gas is thinner than air. This gas is filled in-between space of the dual pane glass to offer enhanced insulation that will bring fantastic energy savings.

Krypton gas: This odorless gas is denser than air and argon. This gas is filled in the dual pane window to achieve better insulation.

Low-e glazing: Low-e is a kind of coating than thinner than a hair strand. This coating reflects sunlight to minimize the heat transfer from outside to the inside of your home through windows. This coating is applied to both the inner and outer side of the glass. You may buy your replacement windows, either from the store of a big brand or from window replacement company. You will be able to save lots of cost by buying the replacement windows from a professional window replacement company.

Felt Text Art

Be it having a kid around the house, or just feeling a need to express yourself, felt text art is here decorate your living quarters in a playful, yet informative manner. This fun and seemingly unique detail can brighten up your day with a motivating message, or remind you of certain tasks that need be done, or just have a nice quote that everyone should read about. Whatever the reason behind getting this unique decoration may be, it’s certain you won’t regret implementing it into your home!

To know where to start, first we must know what felt is. Felt is a textile produced by pressing fibers together and condensing them. It’s usually made out of natural fibers like wool. It can also be produced from synthetic fibers like acrylonitrile, wood pulp-based rayon and petroleum based acrylic. Sometimes it’s even consisted out of both types of fiber. This type of textile dates back to the earliest of civilization and it’s still actively used to this day.

Felt Text Art

It can be produced in many ways, such as Wet felting, carroting and needle felting. Wet felting is a process that utilizes hot water and animal hair that is compressed to a certain point of bondage. Carroting is a newer method that’s used for making men’s hats. Needle felting is a dry process that makes use of special notched needles. Each of these methods is used for a different style of texture.

Expression through decoration

Felt Text ArtIf you feel like challenging yourself, we recommend starting from scratch and making your own felt. For this task, you’ll want to use the wet felting method. All it takes is some wool, hot water and a bar of soap. These preconditions are perfect for working with children. Don’t think twice and take your young one for a fun little creative exercise. It’s fun, sanitary and not uncomfortable in the least, all the while giving you a chance to bond with your child. Still, we understand that not everyone has the time and energy needed for starting from scratch. That’s why we recommend buying pre-made felt fabric for those on a tight schedule. Just grab some scissors and cut the letter out of the fabric. When equipped with the right letters for your text art, you have a choice of sewing to a material or just gluing them on.

Felt is something that manages to bring a certain amount of playfulness and happiness into a home. Still, it all depends on the setting of your home. Either way, having a nice message on a door, window or wall can provide both style and functionality. At the end of the day, if you don’t have anything to say, you can just place letters up randomly and still manage to make it look good in a way.

A Tisket A Tassel

Tassels seem to be the latest crave in home decoration. This seemingly small but unusual detail is what will make your home get a fresh new look. Some say the tassel originates from the Turks, others say it has Indian heritage, either way we’re glad someone came up with them. You probably saw them a thousand times, because they are most commonly seen on mortarboards during graduation ceremonies in the U.S.

We won’t blame you if you don’t know what a tassel it is. It looks unusual enough for people to avoid decorating their home with them. Tassels are finishing features in fabric decoration. It is made by binding threads from cord protrudes on the end. Tassels are hung from these ends. They’re not the type of décor that hang around the house on their own. They must be attached to something larger because they are the end pieces to a home decoration piece. Think of tassels as cherries on top of home décor. They are usually positioned along the bottom edge of pasties, garments or curtain covering the hangings.


Although used to establish a traditional look and feel, tassels can be used in other settings to complete a decoration element. The odd piece of thread that dangles can be a real eye catcher and a true distraction for the eyes. It’s so out of the ordinary that it strangely fits in any given space.

The right window finishing touch

TasselsTassels seem to fit in the most with drapes. This trinket-looking feature is something that completes any set of drapes. It accents the edges perfectly. This accentuation is strongest when tassels are colored with a golden finish. In a straight formation, they almost seem to create a perfect frame for the window. Like golden underline to support any glance thrown at the window.

If you are not in a position to decorate your home with tassels, yet you desperately want to fill the void in your heart with them, we advise to get one in a form of a keychain. Talk about door décor. This is a cute way of showing your tastefulness in interior design. Strangely, it doesn’t look out of place, but feels like it belongs on any surface.

Break the monotony and bring texture into your home. You’d be surprised how small detail can make a space feel alive. It gives a sense of importance because if a dangly thingy can have the spotlight, then so should you.

Berry Wreath Nordic Ornaments

Everyone wants their home to feel cozy over the holidays. Every bit of decoration can contribute towards achieving such coziness for you and your family. With Christmas decorations it can be hard to decorate and bring something new and exciting to the table. They tend to follow with the same theme over and over again. This year we’re spicing it up a bit and bringing a new theme to the table. What better to bring warmth to your home than a nice-looking Nordic theme?

Feel the holiday spirit with one glance

As we said before: the front door is the main focal point of a house exterior. If you don’t have a giant decorated tree in your front yard, chances are the door décor is the first thing guests will notice. Let them know what to expect by picking the perfect berry wheat ornament. Try matching it with your personality by making it tidier or messier. Berry wreaths can be used both for parties and family gathering décor.

Nordic OrnamentsIf you’re looking to make one yourself, you should know which materials to pick first. It is essential to acquire a branch of any evergreen tree. Picking the right wood will determine the shape and size of the wreath ornament. This branch is carefully bent in a circle. You need to take it slowly if you don’t want to break the branch. Add more, thinner, branches after completing the creation of the circle. Intertwine the smaller branches to achieve that rich thickness a wreath ornament can have. Use pinecones and berries to establish the look and feel of the ornament. Decide if you want to emphasize the fact that it’s winter with a dry look, or make your home look like a wonderful exception to the harsh winter climate.

Nordic Ornaments

If you don’t feel like placing the wreath ornament on the door, you can place it on a window. Maybe the door is not centered, or you want the attention of the eyes to shift to another direction. Whatever the case may be, be sure that a berry wreath Nordic ornament can be very helpful if you wish to express that fabulous holiday spirit.

An Egg Citing Wreath For Spring

With Easter lurking around the corner, people can struggle with managing the decorations. If you’re looking for a way to spruce up your Easter this year, look no further because we got the perfect solution for you! We’ll show you a quick and easy way to make your home more inviting for the holidays. A big and bold wreath is just what you need.

The perfect door ornament

Make your home inviting from the moment people approach your house. The front door is the focal point of the front of the house, and as such it should be used to invite people in with its visually appealing tasteful decor.

An Egg Citing Wreath For Spring

Wreath is usually a Christmas kind of ornament, but this year we’re making an exception and making room for Easter. Contrary to a Christmas wreath which is themed with green, red and gold, you should use a wide palette of colors. Make the most out of colors and decorate it with as many bright and happy colors as you can. It’s advised to use pastel and smoother tones because they have a calming feeling to them, but feel free to experiment and use what makes you happy the most.

Door OrnamentThe length of the list of materials you’ll need is completely up to you. It’s advised to stick with the theme and use eggs, willow and grass. But you can take another route and be creative about it by using materials like egg cartons to create makeshift flowers. Just remember to avoid materials that are prone to dissolving in the rain and being swept away by the wind.

Whatever you choice may be, remember to enjoy the process and be happy while you create the wreath, because the emotion will reflect in your work. Explore with different materials and colors. Be brave and think outside the box.

One Room Challenge – WK 2

I’m back for week two of Calling it Home‘s One Room Challenge.  In six weeks, I will be decorating one whole room from top to bottom.  Hopefully. Things have already taken a surprising turn for me.  In this house that we moved into about a year and a half ago, I thought I was completely over curtains.  Done.  It was out of my system and there was no going back.  I thought I wanted a more minimalistic stream-lined look but I just couldn’t get over the image I created when I Photoshopped curtains over the bonus room windows when I was sharing some curtain guides.  It was like tattooed on my brain (yeah, someone has been binge watching Ink Master lately). So I figured I’d pick up some super inexpensive white curtains (you know the ones) and give it a try.  Omg, I’m so glad I did!

One Room Challenge

My curtains were a bit too long so I cut them and hemmed them with iron on hem tape.  I’ve tried using hem tape before but it’s never worked this well!  I think because these curtains are so lightweight.  It was almost too easy!  Unfortunately, I ran out of hem tape and had about a foot of curtain left to hem so I tried fabric glue instead (cause I don’t sew) and it didn’t work nearly as well. adding white curtains Look at those perfect hems…and not the mess in the foreground.

Adding longer curtain rods bought a shorter curtain rod for the second window because Target was out of the longer ones.  I thought I could get away with it but even my friends who aren’t so into home decor (but used to discussions about home decor whenever they stop by) brought up on their own that the curtain rod was too short.  So I found another Target with the longer curtain rod in stock.  Much better.

One Room ChallengeI also switched out the mini futon couch we used in my son’s toddler loft in our last home for a couch from the living.  I’m kicking myself for waiting that long to make that change.  That mini futon couch is super uncomfortable and the current couch was never even used in the living room anyways.

Initially, I just placed the couch in the same position as the last but since it’s larger and weightier it didn’t seem to work as well there. I thought tucking it into the space by the fridge would open up the room but it sort of hides the couch from plain view and just being able to see the couch made the space seem instantly cozier.  Not to mention no one ever sat there when it’s in that spot.  The power of placement! couch in middleI finally tried it in the middle which was the least obvious spot to me.  While I’m not completely sold on its placement, I’m trying to remind myself that I’m likely just not used to having such a big piece of furniture in a once very empty space.  So I’ll leave it for now and see if it grows on me.

I also picked out and ordered a kids table online that will hopefully be delivered by next week!  Luckily, I already did a lot of the legwork by narrowing down my choices when I created my modern kids desks for under $200 guide.

I’m really itching to update the pillows for the new-to-this-space couch but I’m trying to tell myself to calm down and wait until I get more pieces into place.  Pillows are more like the icing of the cake but man, the icing is like the best part!  I also moved the fridge further into the corner and trimmed the carpet padding (something my husband insists on keeping to protect the floors).  I’m still scratching my head on what to do with that fridge.

And I ordered a modern kids table that should be here in time for next week’s post.  Luckily, I already did a lot of the legwork in researching affordable options when I created this modern kids table set guide so I didn’t have get too sucked into the vortex that is online shopping.

One Room Challenge – WK 1

Woohoo!  It’s One Room Challenge time!  It’s been a year since the last time I participated in Calling it Home‘s One Room Challenge (six weeks to makeover one room).  I think it took me about that long to psych myself up for it again! Last time my husband and I made over my master bedroom closet.  Like any project with a concrete deadline, we seemed to be scrambling to finish up towards the end.  So this time around I’ll hopefully make more progress up front so I can focus more on the details as things wrap up.  Easier said than done, right?

One Room Challenge

The room in question is a great space with some of the best lighting in the house.  It’s a waste to not be fully enjoying and utilizing it.  We call this room off our kitchen the “bonus room.”  It really has all the hallmarks of a play room but I’d like to stay away from calling it such.  For this room, I envision a multi-functional, creative zone the whole family can use.  I’m thinking work room meets playroom.

One Room ChallengeThe previous owners knocked out a bit of the kitchen wall and extended the house out to create this room.  For the most part, it was a really smart home renovation.  If they had put up a wall with a door and had a permit to go along with it, it would have been better for resale value (four bedrooms instead of three) but the overall layout would have suffered.

The flow would have been choppy and so much natural light would have been lost. Despite the apparent lack of furniture, we actually use this space all the time.  We spread out a blanket and have indoor picnics at night, we sprawl out and do giant floor puzzles, I sit on the couch and nurse while watching the birds at the bird feeder outside.  I love this room! And did you happen to notice this little (not!) fun design challenge I have to work around? The wall that was knocked down to extend the house out housed the fridge.

If we were planning on staying in the house in the long run, we would reconfigure the kitchen by moving the washer and dryer out and the fridge back in ($$$).  So unless things change, the fridge is staying put.  I don’t think the money we would put in tearing out walls and rerouting water and gas would be recouped when we sell the house and houses in our neighborhood are not appreciating quickly enough that we would feel confident with such a plan.  I would like to find a way to somehow play the fridge down and make it flow into the room a bit more.  Yeah, it’s a bizarre design challenge, I know.

A New Coffee Table (Second Try)

Let’s try this again, shall we?  A whole two years ago I asked for suggestions on which coffee table to buy.  I made my choice only for it to get interminably discontinued (it was the kind of deal I just couldn’t find again).wrought iron coffee table. When my husband and I got married and moved in together five years ago we bought a wrought iron and glass coffee table (seriously, where was I going with this?).

Coffee Table

A few years later, on the brink of our son becoming mobile we sold the table on Craigslist for the same price we bought it for (maybe even 10 bucks more), two side tables as coffee tables. As a stand-in we pushed together two end tables that we picked up next to the dumpster.  So in five years, we’ve spent zero dollars on a coffee table (we might even have profited by 10 bucks).  Well, that’s about to change, hopefully.

Coffee TableLiving rooms are typically the most used rooms in a house but ours is n’o.  The natural lighting is bad (it looks deceptively good at certain times of the day) and it doesn’t have any windows (the patio doors to the left extend into a sun room so at least we get some second hand air flow).  And the man-made lighting is bad, too.  One floor lamp for this whole space?  Come on, Jennifer, you can do better than that.  I plopped the deep blue tufted storage ottoman that we used to have at the foot of our bed in our last condo (that no longer fits in our new bedroom’s configuration) to use in place of a coffee table for now but I’d like something with a hard, wipe-able surface that could withstand block building and board games (and isn’t a default springboard to couch forts).  And feet.

People invariably like to put their feet up. Ultimately, for the flow of this room I’d like to forgo the side tables altogether and rely solely on the coffee table.  And this time around we have a little more space to play with which gives me more options to work with.

Aesthetically, the tufted bench works but I don’t think it will stay in the condition I want it to given the daily wear and tear it’s being subjected to.  And like I said, an actual table would be more functional for us (look, I’m making good on a New Year’s resolution already!).

As I put these tables next to each other I notice some common themes and can’t help but feel my style is so much more focused than the last time I went shopping for coffee tables almost exactly two years ago.  It’s so encouraging! Modern Vintage Scandi Natural Wood White Coffee Table – Brave New Home