ORC Week 3 – Closet & Jewelry Station Organization Inspiration

We’re halfway through Calling It Home‘s semi-annual One Room Challenge (ORC).  For those of you new to the challenge, it’s basically a series where you have six weeks to complete a whole room makeover.  I *think* I’m halfway done with my closet makeover but sometimes it’s those pesky details that take the longest time to hash out.  We shall see!ORClinkingparticipantCIHToday I wanted to share which ideas (and not necessarily looks) are most inspiring my closet makeover.  Most exciting of all is the jewelry station I’m designing!  I dunno why I’m most excited about that element, maybe because I’ve never had one before?  I’m definitely not that into jewelry.  Anyways, here are the ideas that have me inspired:


Bright white and lots of natural wood elements.  I think this is sorta the general theme of our new house


Some sort of free standing organizer at the back of the closet.  Great use of space!  I don’t think I’ll need more storage space but we’ll see how things shape up.


Accent wallpaper.  Yup, I’m going there!  And it’s gonna be girly and glorious.  And PINK!


Ceramic animal + wooden bowl.  So this is kinda bugging me.  I know I have a wooden bowl but I haven’t been able to find it since we’ve moved.  I feel like everything will be discovered again at some point I just have no clue where my bowl could have gone.  As for animals, I’ve never been big on ceramic animals but I just can’t get enough cuteness lately.  I think it’s the pregnancy hormones ; ]


Casual trays to keep jewelry contained.  Trays just have a way of keeping things looking neat and contained.  Can’t have enough of ‘em!


A jewelry station inside a closet organizer + bowls for displaying earrings.  I’m super excited about this.  I love unexpected elements tucked into unexpected places and it would be great to have my jewelry somewhere high enough so little hands will not be tempted to touch.


A pretty way of displaying nail polishes.  I almost always only buy OPI minis and I have a ton of them.  One year for Christmas, I treated myself to something like a 20-piece set from Sephora.  Typically, the minis come in a four pack so needless to say, I have a bunch of them.  I love their colors so it feels inspiring to me to have them displayed.

And I finally got my act together and put together a mood board.Modern and Girly Hers Closet Mood Board - Brave New HomeIt is a small space so I’m hoping I can keep it bright and airy as much as possible.

Next week, my existing closet is coming down and the new one is going up!  Hope to see you back then.

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Looking for a little more closet inspiration?  Be sure to check out my Closet Organization and Jewelry Station boards on Pinterest.

Other than using lots of white, any other tips for keeping a small space bright and light?

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