Making Our Backyard Bigger

How does one go about making their backyard bigger?  Well, you borrow from the front yard!side of the house with old fenceIt kinda creeped me out having the door to our bedroom exposed to the street.  My initial thought was to patch up the door (goodness knows we have more than enough of those!) but The Hubs suggested pushing out the backyard fence to extend beyond the door.  That made a lot of sense and by sense I mean it was significantly cheaper.installing metal postThe Hubs found this fence post for free on Craigslist.  So random.  Kudos to him for always trolling that Free section.knocking down fenceI was inside when I heard a loud thud so I quickly popped into our bedroom first to see what was going on and then to ask The Hubs to wait a second while I grabbed my camera.  I’m so glad I interrupted when I did because it seriously took two strong whacks with a mallet and the whole fence came crashing down.  Makes me wonder just how useful our fence would actually come in handy in case of a zombie apocalypse.

I just binged watched the last season of Walking Dead on Netflix, bare with me.   I feel like I eat, sleep and dream zombies.  I actually thought I saw one of the street corner but it turned out to be a pedestrian waiting to cross the road.putting the fence upI was amazed at how quickly this fence came together.  I remember when I was younger my parents hired people to build them a fence.  In my head, it had always been one of those tasks you hired out.laying out fenceThis was one of those projects that my husband somehow seemed to know a lot about so I learned a lot from asking questions, e.g. the spacing between posts, etc.attaching wood to postI think he learned some things in the process, too.adding gate to fenceLike you can buy these handy little kits to make a gate on your fence.gate kit for fenceAfter the fence was complete, I did feel a little more peaceful being in our bedroom.finished fence extensionIt somehow almost sounded quieter, too.finished gate on fence extensionI’m thinking this space could become some sort of attached patio in the warmer months to really round out the master bedroom suite concept.  Maybe put a little bistro table there or something sweet.lock on gateBecause of our house’s positioning, this area is typically shaded.  Might even be a good spot for a sandbox.  Okay, now I’m just getting ahead of myself.  I still need to get a handle on our dustbowl of a backyard!completed fence extensionAll that wood made our bedroom smell like a forest for a few weeks.  I just loved having the windows open even more than usual.  I think this project will snowball into a few more.  I like the look of the wood but the rest of our fence is all dark grey from years of being exposed to the elements.  Part of me wants to paint both the old and the new fence for the sake of cohesion and the other part of me wants to at least rebuild the fence on the other side of the house so at least it will look the same from the street.uneven fenceThe fence isn’t straight all the way around.  I mentioned this to my husband after the fact and he rightly concluded that the ground wasn’t even.  I think this is the part of the post where I’m supposed to direct you to my disclaimer and remind you of the fact that we’re not home improvement professionals (obviously), haha.

In the end, we learned something new and are one step closer to updating our home and making it a safer place to live (especially in the case of a zombie apocalypse).

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Saying So Long to The DIY’ers!

It’s been a fun run, folks.  After 21 weeks of co-hosting The DIY’ers link party, the party is coming to an end.

The DIYers - logoBigger Than the Three of Us / Brave New Home / Home Coming / Simply Dream & Create

But before we go, I wanted to share my top picks from last week’s link party one last time.


The Gathered Home shared a tour of her fall inspired living room complete with a new wall color.


Lemon Thistle gave us the brilliant idea of setting up a whimsical photo shoot to celebrate a little girl’s birthday.  What a special treat!


Last up, Mommyzoid shared the little path she made with wood slices.  Eco-friendly, lots of charm and function.  Brilliant idea in my book!

If The DIY’ers calling it quits has left a big ol hole in your party schedule, here are two link parties that just started within the last couple of weeks that are worth checking out: Think and Make Thursday with Stacey, Tasha, Erica, Leigh Anne, Carrie, Sarah and Karisa or there’s Outside the Box with Carissa, Trisha, Elisha, Brandy, Megan and Niki.

Thanks to Ashley,  Kayla and Stephanie for being lovely co-hosts to work with.  And of course, thank YOU for linking up to us over the past couple of months and for your kind comments.  It was always fun combing through all the inspiration and I felt honored that The DIY’ers was a place you came to showcase your talents.

Virtual party favors for you all!

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Felted Hanging Door Stopper

Poppy Mae Digital Download Winner: Thanks to all of your who entered.  Heather S. was selected randomly using Congrats, Heather!DIY Felted Hanging Door StopperI could use an extra hand holding the door open for me when I bring groceries inside so I looked around to see what I could use as a door stopper.2 - materials for door stopI used a broken brick, some felt, string and a bit of rug pad.  And lots of hot glue.3 - tying brick with stringI securely tied my brick up.4 - gluing together two pieces of feltThen I made a sleeve for my brick using hot glue.  5 - slide brick into felt sleeveI turned my sleeve inside out then covered the brick with paper to avoid snags then slid my brick in.6 - doorstop instructionsHere’s where those gift wrapping skills come in handy!  After hot gluing it all together, I cut out a little piece of rug pad and glued that on, too.7 - creating the top of the doorstopThen I cut holes in at the top and pulled my string through.  You can see the top starting to take shape.  I wanted it to look sorta like a milk carton.8 - finished felted doorstopWhen my door stopper was finished it was looking a little boring so I added some tassels.9 - completed felted milk carton doorstop with string garlandMy door is on the heavier side but if you had a lighter door you could easily substitute the brick with uncooked beans or the like.12 - bottom of doorstop lined with rug padIf you don’t have a piece of rug pad, try adding some lines or a grid pattern with puffy paint.  It will give the bottom more traction and hold the door stopper better in place especially if you’re using lighter filler.12 - felted door stopper holding doorI use my door stopper all the time especially when I get groceries.felted door stop hanging and in useYou might think that this particular door already has a door stopper (which it does) but that stopper is actually to keep the door closed, not opened.  My son had the cutest reaction to this project:

Almost-four-year-old:  What is this?!

Me:  It’s a door stopper.

A:  [Blank look]

M:  You use it to hold the door open.  Yaknow, for times like when I’m bringing groceries into the house.

A:  [Looks offended]  I can hold the door open for you when you get groceries.  [Sighs] I guess we can keep the door stopper for decoration, though.

Haha, what a little gentleman in training!  What would really help with the grocery shopping process is if he’d quick trying to smash the bread with the cans.  And asking if every isle is the last.  11 - door stopper hanging from door knobThis post may be linked to any one of these link parties.

I’m not completely sold on this door stopper.  It gets the job done but it sort of adds too much extra weight to the door.

What do you use as a door stopper?

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The DIY’ers – Link Party #21

Welcome to The DIY’ers!  If you’re new here, The DIY’ers is our place to share our DIY projects, renovations and home decor ideas.

The DIYers - logoBigger Than the Three of Us / Brave New Home / Home Coming / Simply Dream & Create

This week, Stephanie is sharing her top three picks from last week’s party.The DIYers - Stephanie's Top 3 PicksFirst off we have some fall wreath goodness.


Bohemian Junction created this gold tipped feather number.  I like the contrast of the wreath against the aged corrugated metal.


Table and Hearth made this industrial pipe candle holder.  I love seeing all these new uses for piping.


Last up, we have Not A Passing Fancy who created this garland of leather tassels.  I’m a big garland fan and am taking note of this unique styling!

If you participate in our link party or have been featured, feel free to grab a button to the left.

All featured projects will be pinned to The DIY’ers Pinterest board— so don’t forget to follow.

The Rules? They’re simple!
1.  Follow each host somehow; any way is fine!
2.  Take a picture of your DIY and link it up below.
3.  Text link back to one of our hosts or pick up The DIY’ers button and include it in your post so others can get involved in the DIY party.
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I’m picking the top picks of this week so link on up!
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