Quick Tip: Fake a Frame for Your Canvas

Just popping in real quick on this lovely holiday weekend to share a quick tip.  How to Fake a Frame on a Canvas by Brave New HomeCreating your own artwork on canvases can often feel unfinished when all is said and done.  I typically paint the sides of my canvases for a more intentional look but I’ve come up with an even better alternative.

But first, let me introduce you to my new coat rack that I’ve been stocking at Ikea:coat rack close upTricks!  My new coat rack is the quick tip.  Let’s pan out and have another look, shall we:coat rack zoomed outHaha, yes, that’s my attempt at a little DIY/home decor humor.  So what’s the quick tip?  Why, that would be faux wood contact paper!

I knew exactly the shade of wood I wanted but was having trouble finding it in-person so I ordered some online.  With S&H it came out to $17 which is quite the splurge for contact paper but I have so many uses planned for it I know it’s worth the expense.

The process is pretty simple.  canvas and contact paperTake your canvas and wrap some faux wood contact paper around the sides.  It’s that easy!  And it looks just like a real wooden frame.faux wood contact paper to create a fake frameYou may remember this specific piece from the time I painted one of our bathrooms black in our previous condo.fake wood contact paper to create a frame on canvasI’m planning on using this beautiful contact paper to update a bunch of frames I already have in my collection to avoid buying new ones now that I’m ditching dark woods in favor of lighter ones.wood contact paper to finish canvasIt’s so beautiful and it even has a nice grainy texture.  I’m so glad that I lucked out and got it right on my first purchase!  Buying wood tones online can be super tricky.faux wood contact paper to fake a frameThis post may be linked to any one of these link parties.

See you back tomorrow for our weekly linky party, The DIY’ers!

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